Young Mother Starts Facebook Search To Find Man Who Passed Her Note Praising Her Parenting Skills

When you have young children, there are times when you wish that you could get a break from the crying and the tantrums that they have. When your child begins to act out in public, it can sometimes make you feel like you can't handle anything. This mother from England — riding the train from Birmingham to Plymouth — faced a situation with her child in 2015 that made her nervous, especially when a stranger wrote something to her in a note.

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Sammie Welch is a single mother who lives in England, and when she was on the train from Birmingham to Plymouth back in 2015, something charming happened, as BBC reports.

While Sammie was on a train with her then 3-year-old son, she tried everything that she could to keep him entertained. She knew that they were going to be on the train for some time and that there was a chance the boy would begin acting out with other adults on board.

As Sammie was sitting with her son, she talked to him about what he did during the day and also played a few games with him. Her son soon started to relax and was seen as a perfect little angel on the train that day.

A man who had been sitting in the seat beside Sammie and her son got up to exit the train. Before he left, he handed Sammie a note that was wrapped around money.

The man acknowledged how Sammie interacted with her son on the train and that he wanted her to have a drink on him because she was polite in how she taught her son how to behave.

After posting the information, Sammie soon found out who the man was and thanked him herself for the money and the words of encouragement.

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