Women's-Only Gym Sparks Viral Debate With Some Men Calling It 'Segregation'

For many women, the gym can be an uncomfortable place.

Having to deal with men watching you or - worse still - trying to talk to you doesn't exactly make working out any easier. So it's no surprise that when one TikToker shared a video of her female-only gym, some women got very excited.
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However, they weren't the only ones interested in the clip, which sparked a debate about whether women-only gyms were a form of "segregation".

The debate was sparked after TikTok user @heatherhuesman posted a video tour of her women's only gym captioned "The BEST GYM! We need these everywhere, we feel so safe and comfortable going to the gym."

As well as explaining that it was open 24/7 to women only, the video shows how you can't see through the gym's windows, in order to afford those inside total privacy.

It also demonstrated the securely locked doorway only accessible to members and pointed out a sign letting women know when male staff would be in the building.

On top of all these features, the video showed that there are even free menstrual products on offer.

A lot of women took to the comments section, saying how much they loved the idea.

"We need more of these!" one wrote.

"That's a dream," another commented.

"This looks so cool! I hope there are some in my area," a third added.

However, a lot of others disagreed, arguing that a women's only gym was a form of segregation.

"This is textbook segregation," one user commented.

"Now THAT'S sexist," agreed a second.

A lot of women clapped back, asking men why they were getting so riled up about something that didn't really affect them.

"Why are men getting mad that women have a place they feel safe at?" asked one.

"Why do you care? It will mean less people at other gyms so surely that just a good thing," pointed out another.

"This isnt a new concept why are men mad," wrote a third, adding "Let women feel comfortable."

Not all men were opposed to the idea - some even commented saying they supported it.

"As a male I think that this is a good idea because some men these days are really weird and is also good for religious people," one guy wrote.

This story comes after one woman shared her "hickey hack" she developed in order to deter men from bothering her at the gym. And this personal trainer was praised by social media users after her response to a guy she says she caught staring at her while she worked out at the gym.

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