Woman Who Grew Up In The Coldest Town On Earth Answers All Of Our Questions

December is fast upon us. The first snowflakes have been dropping across towns in Europe this week, and we're all winding scarves round our necks to lock out that chilly breeze.

Out in Russia's Yakutia, though, shawls and mitts are the difference between life and death.

No, really.

YouTuber Kiun B wanted to show the world what it was like to live in her Siberian hometown, so she published a five-minute intro on her channel.

She calls it 'the coldest place on earth'.

Right, how cold though? Can it really be that cold? People live there right?

"The extreme low temperatures are cold enough to freeze people to death," she said.

Right... So, just how cold is that?

Weather.com claims Yakutia is at -30C right now.

It's often cold enough to freeze a car battery, according to Kian.

At least the wind is only 3km/h.

Kiun said: "Many people are wondering how we survive in such a harsh environment."

You're not alone folks!

She added: "You can go outside only for a few minutes at a time to avoid frostbite.

"But the residents of Yakutia are experts at surviving harsh temperatures."

Yakutians resort to thick fur coats and specialised housing when the temperature drops to -70C.

Kiun even says they enjoy it.

Fur boots made from reindeer skin are the go-to footwear to hit the town in.

When they're out, hitting up the local open-air fish market is an activity of choice.

The fish are naturally frozen, so you can forget about the nasty odours.

Some Yakutians like the look of the frozen fish so much, they take a dive in ice-cold waters for the full frozen-fish experience.

The fella in the video even puts his head under.

He's secured Kiun a good audience though with almost 8 million views since the video's release in October.

One YouTube user added some context: "By the beginning of October, almost all rivers freeze, the snow stops melting, and the temperature drops below zero throughout the region.

"Winter is the longest time of the year. The average air temperature in January is - 35 °C.

"Winter in Yakutia has its own charm - sometimes, at night, the cloudless sky is illuminated by bright flashes of the northern lights."

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