Woman Spends Thousands On Pal's Wedding But Was Uninvited Because Of Her Job

Weddings are huge events in people's lives and whether it's your own wedding or the wedding of a close friend, there is a lot of time and preparation that goes into making them incredibly special. Depending on your role in the wedding, it can even cost a lot of money to be a part of someone else's big day, for example, if you're a bridesmaid.

That was the case for Dr. Emily Long, a plastic surgery resident at Harvard University. Not only was she set to be a bridesmaid for one of her best friends' weddings, with all the costs that can incur, she was also going to travel from Boston to Austin, Texas for the event. Beyond paying for airfare and accommodation, Long was tasked with changing her busy work schedule at the hospital in order to make it for the long weekend. This included getting permission from her boss to skip one of her on-call shifts and losing money in the process.

Unfortunately, however, the day before the wedding, Long was told by her supposed friend that she was uninvited. The reason? She works in a hospital with sick people and the bride and others didn't feel comfortable with Long attending, despite the fact that she was going out of her way to get extra tests that weren't necessary in order to make sure she didn't have COVID.

Shocked by what had just happened, Long posted to her TikTok, asking viewers, "Tell me about a time when you were uninvited because you work in healthcare," before sharing her story first, which has since gone viral.

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Posting to her personal TikTok account five days ago, Dr. Emily Long recounted her story, framing it as a TikTok video prompt in which she asks others to share similar experiences. Wearing scrubs, she begins by saying:

"Tell me about a time you were uninvited from something because you work in the hospital during a pandemic. I'll go first.

"So tomorrow I was supposed to fly out straight from a 28-hour shift to attend one of my best friend's wedding events that I spent thousands of dollars on and took my vacation time, which is very limited, off to attend. And when I texted her this morning to let her know that I was being tested and taking all these precautions before I flew in an attempt to make her feel comfortable, she totally freaked out when she found out that I take care of sick people."

"Who would have thought that a doctor takes care of sick people? I don't know.

"So I was uninvited because I made her and other people I guess, feel uncomfortable."

Long's short but succinct story says it all. Clearly shocked at what has just happened, she finished her short video by saying, "Anyway, I bought a non-refundable plane ticket to Texas tomorrow so if anyone wants to hang, let me know."

Her disappointment is clear, but it obviously entails multiple levels. For starters, her friend should have known that as a doctor, she works at a hospital with sick people. Secondly, Long was going out of her way to be extra safe. And thirdly, there was the cost of thousands of dollars that she'd already spent, only to be uninvited the day before the event.
After posting, her story picked up steam and was viewed over 4.5 million times, with over 640,000 likes. Viewers commented on her post, with one person saying bluntly:

"You need a new friend sis."

Another brought up the fact that the friend was having a wedding during the pandemic, stating:

"Hold up, but she's having a wedding? But she's worried about you? What on earth."

It garnered such a response that Long ended up posting two more videos to clarify the situation further. Donning her scrubs once again, she thanked viewers for the thousands of offers to hang out in Texas but revealed she had decided to cancel her flight and get the flight credit so that she could honor her commitment to her job. Revealing that it would cost her $2,800 to change her shift for that day, she spoke about being a "professional" and not wanting to leave her patients and coworkers in the ICU stranded.

In her third video, Long answered a follower's comment that stated that the bride had left aggressive comments on her video. Long confirmed that there were lots of comments and that people who had attended the wedding posted to Instagram Stories while they were in bars in Austin not wearing masks. She added that the COVID rate there is very high right now so they would have all had just as much exposure as she has had in the hospital. Announcing it would be her final video on the topic, Long appeared to be absolutely exhausted after working her long shifts and from all the attention her viral story had garnered.

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