Woman's Shower Screen Suddenly 'explodes' After She Heard Sound 'like Gunshot'

A woman got the fright of her life when the glass window of her shower ‘exploded’, leaving the entire room covered in glass.

Carrissa Vevar said the shower glass sounded like it had been ‘shot’ when it mysteriously cracked and went all across the floor on the Sunday before Christmas.
Credit: Carrissa Vevar
Not exactly what you want at this time of year, is it?

She said that she ‘couldn’t bear to think’ about what might have happened if any of her children had been in the room at the time.

Yep, that doesn’t sound like it would have been great.
It doesn't look good. Credit: Carrissa Vevar
The Cheshire resident said that the sound as the glass shattered was ‘horrendous’ and sounded as if it had been shot with a gun.

Carrissa bought the bathroom from Liverpool based company Victorian Plumbing.

The company said it want to make things right with her, and offered reassurance its bathrooms are safe.

Sharing the incident on Facebook, Carrissa wrote: "This happened Sunday night to a bathroom bought by Victorian Plumbing.

"I can’t even bear to think right now what would of [sic] happened if my kids were in there at the time of the glass explosion.

"It sounded like someone shot the glass with a gun, horrendous."

After the event, Victorian Plumbing said that they are ‘sorry’ to hear about what happened to her, but told their customers that the shower windows are made from ‘toughened safety glass’.

A spokesperson said: "Our shower screens and enclosures are made from toughened safety glass."
It left marks all over the walls, too. Credit: Carrissa Vevar
"Whilst the experience might have given a fright, the glass on this product has performed as expected following a stress or impact event.

"This can often happen days or weeks after any impact, where the glass is then subject to any changes in heat.

"Safety glass is designed in a way to protect from injury in the event of any breakage.

"Rather than breaking into sharp heavy shards, the glass crumbles into small cubes, significantly reducing the likelihood of any serious injury.

"We’re getting in touch... to see how we can make things better.

"We pride ourselves on leaving our customers with the best possible experience and whilst this isn’t a manufacturer’s fault - we’re keen to put things right."
Unlucky. Credit: Carrissa Vevar
Still, she must have got a hell of a fright when it went.

Nobody needs that sort of thing to happen to them, let alone at this time of year.

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