Woman Ends Up In Same Labour And Delivery Room With Her Ex And His Wife

This is the cringeworthy moment a woman in labour realised that her ex-boyfriend and his partner were sharing the same room:
Credit: TikTok/@madi_lane_
TikToker Maddy Cifelli (@madi_lane_) did the only thing people in 2021 seem to do and she recorded the moment to post on social media.

Sharing the video, Maddy wrote: "The hospital was too full for L&D [labour and delivery] at least we had a curtain."

She went on to clarify that the ex she was talking about was her former high school boyfriend so not her ex husband.

The clip she posted shows her looking to the side in shock before pulling down her mask and miming the words of Doja Cat's 'Cyber Sex': "Oh what a time to be alive."

Credit: TikTok/@madi_lane_
Commenting on the video - which has been over two million times - one person wrote: "That's when you say 'I haven't seen you in 9 months'," to which Maddy replied: "I think they would have both died."

Another person added: "My brother's current gf and ex gave birth in the same hospitals 2 doors apart on the same day. He was the dad to both." Awks.

And a third said: "Oh nooo. I don't care how far into labor I'm in... I'm walking out. We will deliver in the parking lot. Let's go."

Someone else in a very similar position, commented: "My partner and I had our son the same day as my ex husband and his wife had their daughter. Same ward, one room apart."
Credit: TikTok/@madi_lane_
In a follow up story time video (because we were all desperate for it), Maddy said: "The hospital has been completely crazy, the ER was packed, labour and delivery was packed. So it was all great at first, Cody and I got in our room, it was great.

"I literally told him the last time I was here I had to share a room with someone and it was a horrible experience because she just kept yelling the whole time.

"Then they walk in...

"We make eye contact. Luckily there's a curtain in between us but it was just so awkward. I felt like I just couldn't talk, Cody and I were like literally stood there whispering.

"This ex is back from high school so it's not my ex husband or anything. I just thought it was pretty ironic and awkward."

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