Woman Films Herself Working Out And Catches Man 'Taking Picture Of Her Bum'

A woman has recalled the moment she ‘caught’ a man appearing to take a photo of her bum while she was working out in a gym.

Posting on TikTok as part of a trend looking back at old TikToks, Dani, who is a personal trainer, said that she had filmed the incident earlier on in the year and it had gone viral.

The video shows Dani doing leg exercises with dumbbells as a man walks behind her and sits down. He then takes out his phone and appears to point it in her direction before putting it away and changing his shoes.

He then greets and her and she tells him “You’re in my video” and he sounds surprised.

She captioned it: “When I remember that time my male coworker took pics of my a** and I got him on video.”

She also commented the original video had been taken down “for bullying”.

At the time of writing, the video has received 1.9 million views and has been liked over 314,000 times. However, the post has no comments as Dani has disabled this feature.

In another video posted this year, Dani said: “Thinking about how men who take photos of women in the gym exist” with a song called “loser” playing in the background.

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