Woman Feels A Draft In Her Home, Discovers Secret Apartment Hidden Behind Bathroom Mirror

A 26-year-old woman living in New York City seems to have found the New York equivalent of Narnia. Finding an affordable apartment in the city can be extremely difficult, but somehow this woman found two for the price of one. The catch, though, was that she didn’t even know that the second apartment existed until she felt an extremely cold draft coming from her bathroom mirror.

In March 2021, Samantha Hartsoe discovered that there was a secret apartment connected to hers, hidden behind the mirror in her bathroom. She was confused as to why she kept feeling a cold draft in her home, so she decided to investigate and was shocked when she found out that her mirror had moved. After taking it off the wall, she saw an opening into what appeared to be another apartment. She had complete access to the other apartment and could easily venture into it after fitting through the hole where the mirror once was.

Hartsoe decided to do just that and documented the entire experience in a four-part video series on TikTok that instantly went viral. People were floored to see Hartsoe’s discovery as she journeyed through the other side. Even the people in the woman’s building were confused about what exactly went wrong that led to her having access to another apartment behind the bathroom mirror in her own apartment.

Since then, people have been wondering what happened to the hole in Hartsoe’s apartment and what her life is like now. Fortunately, the 26-year-old gave her followers an exciting update in the following months.

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According to Curbed, Hartsoe shares her three-bedroom apartment with two other roommates, who were all surprised to find the mysterious apartment connected to theirs. At first, they were confused as to why their apartment was always so cold. “It was weird, because I don’t have a vent that I know of in there that blows cold air,” Hartsoe said.

Finally, she decided to see where it was coming from and documented the experience on TikTok. Hartsoe was shocked when she found an open hole leading into another apartment behind her bathroom mirror. So, she put on a facemask, strapped a flashlight to her head, grabbed a hammer, and climbed through the hole to see what was on the other side.

Hartsoe explored the other apartment and made sure to lock any doors she found, hoping that no one else would be able to get in the apartment. It contained some “signs of life,” such as trash bags and an empty water bottle, as per Curbed. However, it seemed like the place was being renovated or that it had been abandoned. Fortunately, Hartsoe found her way back to her own apartment and called her landlord the next day to tell him what she found.

In April 2021, Curbed reported that other people in Hartsoe’s building had similar problems. The maintenance staff plastered up the holes behind the mirrors and anchored the mirrors to the walls, finally giving tenants peace of mind. Hartsoe had a personal update that she shared with her followers in July 2021: a cute boy moved into the apartment connected to her bathroom mirror! It would definitely be a meet-cute like no other.

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