Woman Is Left In Tears After Tattoo Artist Drew $100 Semicolon Inking Backwards

A woman has been left ‘devastated’ after her tattoo artist made a major error.

The TikToker, who goes by the username @samantha.says, has said she ‘almost cried’ after realising that her semi-colon inking – which is behind her ear – was tattooed on the wrong way around.

In a video, she explained what had happened, saying: “So I had posted about how I got a semi-colon tattoo this weekend because I’m a sad b**** and the tattoo artist did it backwards.
Credit: @samantha.says / TikTok
“I okayed the correct stencil so not sure what happened. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

“The owner of the shop called and said that he would fix it for me so I went back in and he’s like, ‘Okay, we only have to make it slightly bigger.”

Gesturing her fingers in a circle, she continued: “It’s like this big, and so uneven.

“On my f***ing neck, it honestly looked better before he fixed it, it looked better the wrong way.”

Apparently, Samantha paid £100 for the tattoo, which included a tip – which she gave out before spotting the mistake.

She added: “The artist who did it backwards was absolutely lovely. She felt so bad. No hate or worries, things happen.

“It’s a funny story now!”

The TikToker then explained why she had the tattoo done in the first place. She said it was meant to represent her mental health journey, which is something she is incredibly proud of.

So far, the woman’s post has been viewed a whopping 16,000 and has received a ton of comments.

Reassuring her, one viewer said: “I feel like that’s even more appropriate… ya know?!”

In agreement, a second commented: “But when you look in the mirror, it’ll be the right side facing you.”

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