Woman Delivers Best Friend’s Baby Only To Realize Her Husband Is Actually Infant’s Dad

A woman betrayed her friend. One day, a woman who went to help her friend after she delivered her child realized that she was having an affair with her husband. Not only that, they both even have a baby.

The incident happened with the mother of 4 children when she stayed at her friend's house for a few days to help her after her delivery. While changing the baby's diaper, the woman saw a birthmark on baby's body, that looked similar with the one her husband and children had. Seeing this birthmark, the woman was confused for a while and then she thought.

According to the Daily Star, the woman herself had told her friend that she would stop by to help her in her pregnancy. After the baby was born, she saw two birthmarks on the baby's body, similar to her children. The baby had inherited the mark from father. As soon as she saw the birthmark, she immediately realized that her husband was father of her friend's baby. The baby had the same mark on her neck as her children.

Through TikTok Video, the woman said that when she saw the birthmark, her friend was also by her side. We looked at each other and I walked out of the house. Later, the woman's friend admitted that the baby was her husband's. The woman's husband also admitted after 6-7 months and the two separated. The woman said she had a good relationship with her friend. Because her baby and friends children are siblings.

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