Study Reveals That One In 30 People 'Poo In The Shower'

It is a universal truth that inspired a bestselling book - everybody poops.

With that in mind, let's hear about a recent study that discovered that - apparently - one out of every 30 people you meet has had a poo in the shower.

That's right, they've taken a number two whilst trying to clean themselves.

Counter intuitive, surely?

Now, we've all heard of having a s***, shower, and a shave before heading out of the door in the morning, but who amongst you will admit to having taken care of two of those ablutions at the same time?

There's a shocking number of liars out there, it would seem.

So, this groundbreaking research was performed by a bathroom company called QS Supplies, who asked 1,000 people from the UK and the United States about their embarrassing bathroom habits.

This is definitely the worst thing that they discovered.

One out of every 30 people has taken a s*** in their work's showers.

Seriously, who is admitting to that?

Well, it was one of you! Disgusting!

I mean, does it just go down the plughole? Seriously, what the f***, guys?

In more reasonable - to be quite honest, anything is more reasonable - news, one out of every three people admitted to taking a leak whilst under the shower at work.

Shockingly, one in 20 admitted to enjoying a little - let's say - personal time, whilst having a quick clean.

You know what I'm talking about.

Jeez, someone has to clean those showers.

In short, there is no good news to come out of this survey. It turns out that we're all a bunch of horrible so-and-sos.

One out of every five people admits that they completely swerve the shower altogether and just have a bird bath.

Hey, at least they aren't soiling the shower for everyone else, even if they do start to hum in the late afternoon.

In lighter news, only one per cent of folks admitted that they don't bathe once in a week. 18 per cent of people wash one to three times each week.

A frankly underwhelming 31 per cent of us wash every single day, whereas the vast majority take between four and six washes each week.

That's not actually that bad, I guess.

The company that commissioned this terrifying and sobering survey, QS Supplies, said: "Our bathing habits are more than purely logical choices made to stay hygienic.

"Instead, they can reveal secrets about who we are, what we care about, and even what our relationships are like".

Imagine being in a relationship with someone who s***s themselves in the shower.

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