Walgreens Customer Accuses Cashier of Stealing Gift Card, Sparks Outrage

A dispute between a Walgreens shopper and worker over a gift card has gone viral in a TikTok that has over 2 million views.

TikTok user @kiarrawhitney uploaded a video captioned, “This Yt man accused me of taking his gift card and I clearly placed It in the bag.”

The footage shows @kiarrawhitney placing what looks like a gift card between two other items in the bag. According to her, when the man couldn’t find the card, he accused her of stealing.

Some commenters were furious that she mentioned the customer’s race.

“What does him being white have anything to do with this,” user @_rook_star_ said.

But other users came to her defense.

“These people are not all living in denial….they know why it matters! BC if it was a YT boy or girl behind the counter he wouldn’t have assumed that,” @intolerable_inlaws wrote.

“I’m white and all these comments r a joke, she had to describe the man it’s not a crime to say white or black to describe someone,” @boolllll61 commented.

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