Waiter ‘Tip Shames’ Customer Who Couldn’t Afford 20% Gratuity

A waiter is being accused of 'tip shaming' a customer who couldn't afford to pay the full 20 percent.

The person known as @kingj24__ shared a bill on TikTok from American restaurant chain Applebee's and it showed the customer had left them with a nine percent tip.
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Typically, Applebee's suggests a 18 to 20 percent tip, according to NY Post, and this punter looked to have left a little short of the mark.

However, what they did leave was a handwritten note that 'apologised' for giving a less-than-expected amount.

It read: "You was great. Holidays are just rough right now", with a sad face at the end of the message.
Credit: TikTok/kingj24__
The TikToker shared a clip of the bill along with the 'Oh No' song by Capone-N-Noreaga, indicating that the member of staff wasn't best pleased.

"Your thoughts?" he captioned the clip after receiving over 700,000 views since uploading it on Dec 14.

One disgruntled user commented: I read this on Google and I instantly came here to say, no one owes yo anything except your employer.

"You're paid to do your job, and people pay for."

Another wrote: "I think that family enjoyed a nice dinner out and still tipped.

"They didn't owe anyone that explanation.

"Y'all be mad at the wrong people."
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A third added: "Tips aren't mandatory. They left a note.

"Be understanding. You chose this line of work.

"Roll with the up's and downs with waitressing. That's life."

Someone else claimed to have previously worked in the industry and they wrote: "Someone who use to be a waiter. I'd be perfectly happy with that tip.

"Just because the food is a tad more expensive.

"Did you really do that much more?"

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