Woman Made Vegetarian Boyfriend Eat Turkey At Family Gathering, Causing Outrage.

A woman who ‘made’ her vegetarian boyfriend eat turkey at a family gathering has come in for some harsh criticism online.

The 28-year-old woman took to Reddit to ask if she had ‘been an a**hole’ for making her boyfriend of two years tuck into some turkey while meeting her family for the first time, because she had forgotten to tell her mum he was a vegetarian. Yikes.
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In the post she explained: “I forgot to tell them that my boyfriend is vegetarian, so my mom made a turkey and there wasn't really anything else to eat, besides some snacks.

“When I realised that, I quietly asked my boyfriend to please not cause a scene, and just eat the food and compliment my mom on it.

“He tried to argue back, saying that he doesn't want to lie to my mom but I told him he would come across as rude if he didn't at least try it, and I didn't want him to make a bad impression.
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"So he sucked it up, ate an entire plate and told my mom that it was delicious, which obviously made her happy.”

She went on to explain that they had a ‘good evening’ and her family all appeared to like her boyfriend.

However, on the way home her boyfriend told her what she had done was ‘kinda f***ed up’ and that she shouldn’t have expected him to eat meat when she knows that it ‘disgusts’ him.

She said she took his point on board and apologised, but then admitted that she didn't think she’d done anything that bad.
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But her fellow Reddit users were very quick to side with her boyfriend - one wrote: “YTA [You’re The A**hole] respecting your boyfriend's feelings, beliefs, and personal decisions should be more important than avoiding a slightly awkward situation, especially one that would have been your fault for not mentioning he was vegetarian in the first place.”

Another said: “YTA for even asking, let alone bullying him into actually doing it. I'm surprised that he (a) went along with it, and (b) hasn't dumped your sorry a** already.”

While a third added: “YTA, without a doubt. Vegetarians shouldn't be expected to just drop their belief and dietary lifestyle because it's convenient to not cause a scene.

"You 100 percent should have told them right then and there that he is vegetarian (I mean ideally much earlier, but mistakes happen).

“I feel really bad for your boyfriend, you obviously don't care about his beliefs and choices, and think you're all that matters.”

Well, she did ask for people’s opinions.

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