This Man Has Been Keeping His Arm Raised For Over 45 Years. The Reasons Behind It Are Incredible

Amar Bharati has been raising his hand for more than 45 years, and doesn’t plan to lower it any time soon.

Everyone’s held their hand up at one point, most likely in school growing up. After about two or three minutes at most, your arm starts to ache, so you have two options: one, you switch arms; or two, you use your other hand to support your elbow, which only soothes the pain for about five seconds.

Bharati is in a different league. One day, he decided to completely upend his life by raising his arm – and it’s never met his waist ever since.

In 1973, Bharati was working at an Indian bank. He was married with three children, and led a modest life – until suddenly, he decided to abandon everything in order to dedicate his entire life to Shiva, a Hindu deity.

In order to truly serve his religious beliefs, he came up with an idea: he’d raise his hand and never lower it.

‘I don’t ask for much. Why do we fight between us, why is there so much hate and enmity between us? I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace,’ he said in an earlier interview, as per History of Yesterday.

At first, it was just as painful – if not more – than you’d expect. After about two years, the agony started to fade, and soon he lost any sense of feeling in his arm as it became atrophied.

Even if he wanted to lower his arm, he likely couldn’t without extensive preparation, given the permanent nerve damage and loss of circulation.

‘You would likely cause Mr. Bharati a great deal of pain, not only physically but spiritually as well, as he believes that his eternal salute promotes world peace. As the bone structure is still intact, the arm would likely not snap like a twig but rather sunder at a joint, where cartilage has dried and receded. Basically, you would break his arm, but maybe not in half,’ one Quora user suggested.

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