Thief Tries To Rob Woman On Street But Gets Dished Lesson When She Busts Out Martial Art Moves

If you’re teaching a class about a particular topic, it’s common for people to come up to you and ask you to prove that you know what you’re talking about. However, one man got way more than he bargained for when he approached a woman in New Orleans, Louisiana, in April 2019. Not only did she prove that she was an expert in her field, she taught the man a valuable lesson about stealing.

Meredith Livengood is a martial arts instructor that works at a gym in the New Orleans area. She helps her prospective students learn everything they need to know to protect themselves in any case of self-defense. A man approached her one day inquiring about the lessons she taught. Since she didn’t have any kind of pamphlet to give him, Livengood directed the man to check out what her gym had to offer.

He explained that his phone wasn’t working right, so Livengood offered to show him the training schedules and classes she offered on her own phone. In that moment, it was clear that the man actually had no intention of finding out more about martial arts lessons after all, as he began to run away the moment he had a grasp on Livengood’s phone.

The martial arts instructor didn’t even hesitate and instantly whipped out some of her practiced moves, holding the man in an expertly-trained move as she tried to get her phone back. Read on to find out more about how this woman showed off her incredible moves while teaching a thief a valuable lesson.

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WWLTV reported that the entire incident between a martial arts instructor and a thief trying to snatch her phone was captured on surveillance video by Lo Floyd, a man who lives next to the gym where it all took place. Right after Livengood pulled out her phone to show who she assumed was a prospective student her training schedules, the man grabbed her phone and attempted to flee the scene on his bike.

“I saw his phone had no signal, so I showed him our Instagram page on my phone,” Livengood said, looking back on the incident. “I was trying to help him.”

Fortunately, the thief didn’t get too far as Livengood immediately jumped into action, putting the thief in a hold by using a martial arts technique. The move caused the thief to drop the phone, and Livengood released him before shouting at him to leave. WWLTV reported that he got on his bike and left.

“He underestimated his opponent,” Livengood said. “People underestimate women a lot, and they shouldn’t.” She also revealed that she never felt scared during the incident. Livengood expressed that she actually felt empowered, and explained that it was absolutely unwise to challenge a martial arts instructor.

Floyd agreed, and said, “He stepped in the wrong garage!” When he saw the video footage in real time, he and his friend quickly ran down to help the martial arts instructor, but she had already taken care of it by the time they got there. “The fact that I’ve already known she’s a black belt, I knew it was in her,” he said. “But to finally see it, I’m not gonna cross her.”

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