Teens Help One Another Make Harrowing Escape From Deadly Fire In Their NYC Building

Dramatic video shows two teens climbing out of a Manhattan high-rise window to escape a deadly fire sparked by a lithium-ion battery explosion.

One man was killed and several others were injured including the teens in the apartment fire in the East Village.

Flames broke out on the fourth floor at 118 Avenue D at about 7 a.m. on Thursday. The teens shimmied down a conduit in the back of the building to safety, said fire officials.

Video of the harrowing escape shows each teen hang from a blown out window that was spewing heavy smoke before swinging onto the long, yellow pipe running down the exterior of the building.

As many as 180 FDNY firefighters responded to the scene and were able to bring the flames under control about one hour later.

A total of eight people were injured, including four firefighters. One man died and a woman suffered life-threatening injuries.

Seven electric bikes were found inside the apartment. Fire marshals determined lithium-ion batteries used to charge the bikes exploded sparking the intense and fast-moving flames. The explosion blew out the wall where the teens were sleeping.

"These batteries, as they explode, it spreads the fire quickly and they become extremely intense," said FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro.

There were 93 lithium-ion battery-related fires, more than 70 injuries and four deaths in New York City this year.

"When these batteries are overcharged they explode violently," said Nigro.

Lithium-ion batteries should never be charged overnight or indoors.

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