Sister Breaks Down In Tears When She Realizes Her Voice Made Baby Smile

There are few things in life sweeter than a strong sisterly bond.
This touching video will leave you feeling happy all over as you witness this sweet interaction between two sisters. In this video, nine-year-old big sister Allie decides that she is going to help her parents out by singing to her seven-week-old baby sister Ashlyn.

Allie begins singing the beautiful anthem from "Lion King" called "The Circle of Life." It is the perfect song choice for a protective big sister to sing to her little sibling. As Allie continues with her medley, Ashlyn begins to crack a little smile. When Allie notices the precious smile, she has to turn her face to hide that she is undeniably moved by this.

As tears continue to roll down Allie's face, her parents ask her why she is crying. Allie says it is because her sister is smiling at her sweet singing. At that point, the girls' mom also starts crying. How can you blame her?

Allie manages to keep her emotions in check and keep singing to her baby sister. The moment is just too sweet to believe.

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