Single Mom Has To Beg For Rides To Doctor For Son With Brain Tumor. Stranger Says ‘Not Anymore’

One single mother’s life just got a little easier. Nikole Osani received the devastating news that her son Canyon had an inoperable brain tumor and would need to undergo chemotherapy. However, with no car, it became difficult for Nikole to get Canyon to his appointments. That is until a local cancer foundation stepped in to help.
23-year-old Osani used to have to beg people to take her and her son, Canyon to his doctor's appointments because she could not afford a car. Canyon was only six months old when he was diagnosed with the brain tumor, since the diagnosis’ he has had to undergo six surgeries according to CBS Baltimore.
Eli Seth Matthew’s Leukemia Foundation heard about Osani’s problems and reached out to donors to see if they could help. One donor stepped in to give Osani something much more than money, she gave Osani the keys to her car. The president of the foundation Paul Matthew’s surprised Osani with the car. “For your freedom, for you to do what you need to do, you need a car,” Matthew’s said to Osani before her new car pulled up behind her.
Matthews said to CBS Baltimore, “Can you imagine, right? Having to beg people to come and take you to your son’s chemotherapy appointment and miss that appointment. He cannot miss appointments.” Matthews lost his son Eli to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at only 10 years old. He created the foundation in honor of his son and to help other families with children fighting cancer.

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