Singer Bitten On Face By Snake While Filming Music Video

A singer has been bitten by a snake on her face when filming a music video.

Maeta posted a clip of the ‘attack’ on social media, which shows her laying on the ground with the animal over her chest.
Credit: Twitter/@Maetasworld
She told her 115,000 followers ‘never again,’ before adding: “What I go through to make videos for y’all.”

The post, which has been viewed over 500,000 times, shows the snake closing its mouth around the star’s chin and attacking her face before she quickly grabbed it and pulled it off her.

So far, the musician hasn’t responded to any messages about the incident. However, she did post a selfie, which then had her followers rushing to the comments.

One person said: “Everybody gotta get bit by a snake at least once in this business!”

“Wait, it bit you??” exclaimed another.

A third person commented: “Oh hell no, you’re a trooper… Hope they at least got a decent shot.”

Others used the opportunity to blast the 21-year-old for using live animals as part of her production, labelling it ‘cruel’.
Credit: Twitter/@Maetasworld
One person wrote: “You deserved it. Leave snakes in their natural habitat – you terrified it.”

Another added: “Hope you think long and hard about the backlash this is causing, perhaps use your influence for something useful as opposed to promoting animal cruelty.”

“Karma is a b****, the bite was just a taste. Stop using animals on your sets, use CGI instead! Cheaper and less harmful towards such wonderful creatures,” a third penned.

A fourth also scolded her, writing: “Don’t use live snakes in videos. They don’t belong there. Also they can transmit many infections including salmonella and parasites.

“Stop using live animals now. Stop animal cruelty!”

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