Hotel Guest Is Shocked To Discover Her Bedroom Window Looks Directly Into A Restaurant

A woman staying in a New York Airbnb thought she was going to be getting a bit of privacy, but soon found herself aghast upon realising her room was directly connected to a restaurant's dining room. See for yourself below:
Credit: TikTok/@desireerosebaker
TikTok creator Desiree Baker (@desireerosebaker) uploaded a video on Sunday night (19 December) that showed how her booking was advertised online, with the listing displaying pictures of a brightly lit, spacious apartment that overlooked the Manhattan skyline.

But when she opened her windows, she was greeted with a very different scene to what was advertised.

"There's no buildings, we're in a restaurant," Baker says in the video, "Let me show you."

She then peeks her phone under the blinds and records the view outside of her window, which looks directly into a restaurant and places her within touching distance of a couple eating dinner.

She wrote in the caption: "HOW IS THIS LEGAL you literally [cannot] make this up.

"I can open the window and touch their table."

Her video has since been viewed nearly 7 million times.
What Desiree was promised. Credit: TikTok/@desireerosebaker
In a follow-up video, Baker decided to investigate the situation further and go and visit the restaurant.

Upon being seated, she realised that the windows are made of one-way glass, so fellow diners assume that the windows are just mirrors.

Things went a bit quiet after that, and after her trip was concluded it felt safe to say that was the end of the whole affair.

But it turned out there was more to the story, as a few days later Desiree posted another video detailing the correspondence she'd received from Airbnb and the hosts following her complaint.
The view of Desiree's Airbnb window from inside the restaurant. Credit: TikTok/@desireerosebaker
In a bizarre and poorly worded message, the hosts responded to her request for a refund with the following words: "Hi Desiree, apologies for taken some time to replay [sic] you, actually we were going to cancel your reservation as we had some room issues, however we were able to manage to host you.

"I believe everything went and is going well during your stay and glad to know that we were able to host you during this time of year."

Thankfully Airbnb was a bit more reasonable, reaching out to Desiree after noticing her TikTok and offering her credit on her next stay.

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