Shannen Doherty Reveals Her New Year Wish Amid Cancer Battle

Actress Shannen Doherty is best known for her long-running acting career, with her most notable roles in "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed," among other TV shows and movies. In fact, Doherty has acted since she was a child and was even lucky enough to work with the acclaimed actor Michael Landon for her first few acting roles.

Her first role was on the show "Father Murphy" before Landon cast her in another show of his, "Little House: A New Beginning," which was a spin-off of "Little House on the Prairie." Doherty posted a throwback photo of herself to Instagram earlier this year and revealed a bit about those roles. She wrote in the caption:

"Father Murphy. My first job with the amazing Michael Landon producing. ... Michael soon after cast me in Little House New Beginnings where I had the privilege of him directing me many times. #buckteeth"

But whichever period of her career you might know, Doherty has most recently been in the press due to her ongoing battle with cancer. After she was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Doherty went into remission for two years but sadly cancer returned. She revealed on "Good Morning America" in February of last year that she had not "processed it" and that it was "a bitter pill to swallow."

Now, in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress spoke about her dreams for 2022, which include "progression" in finding a cure for the disease. She also said she is "doing well" and hopes to continue acting in the coming year.
The return of Doherty's cancer was discovered after she went to get back pain checked in 2020, according to ELLE. The cancer was found to have spread to her spine. But despite being at stage four, Doherty hasn't given up hope. In fact, she's proven in the last year how much she's willing to fight and she hasn't been afraid to share her story with the public.

In a new interview with ET from this month, Doherty spoke further about her ongoing battle and what she wishes for in the coming year. She said:

"If I were dreaming of what would happen in 2022, I think lot more research and progression as far as finding the cure for cancer is my ultimate, ultimate dream because even though I am thriving and I'm doing well, I still have cancer and you don't want stage four."

She continued, as she explained how that motivates her to help raise awareness:

"But I have it and so I think in the back of my mind, this constant sort of OK, "What can I do to help bring more awareness, what can I do the help raise money, what can I do to sort of push research for not just myself but for everybody else who is suffering from cancer?"'

While progress in finding a cure is her ultimate dream for the coming year, Doherty also spoke about more realistic goals that she has for herself, which include continuing to act, something she hasn't slowed down doing despite her diagnosis.
Doherty told ET:

"Realistically, I hope that my health just continues to be stable and that I continue the relationships with my husband and my mom and my friends and I hope their work continues to grow and it only gets better."

She's still been acting, notably in the movie "Fortress," and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. She said in the interview:

"I just I hope that next year, work-wise continues. I hope I continue to get these opportunities and that I continue to work with people that I've always admired and wanted to work with."

Beyond her work on "Fortress," in which she co-stars with Bruce Willis, Doherty also filmed a number of movies this year including one with Mel Gibson and a Lifetime movie titled "List of a Lifetime." The latter even earned her a Critics Choice Award nomination. She told the news outlet:

"I'm doing great and I feel great. I I feel really blessed, this year's been kind of an interesting year for me because work is so important to me and especially as somebody with cancer, you want to constantly put it out there that you know you're so hirable, you're so employable and that oftentimes for people like myself, it's the work that helps drive us."

She added:

"It's the work that I wake up in the morning so excited to go create, and do my job, which is a job that I actually love, and this year's just been phenomenal. I've done a lot of work, a movie that I did for Lifetime called List of Lifetime just got nominated this morning for a Critics Choice Award, so that's pretty special."

We look forward to seeing the many projects Doherty has been working on and wish her the best in her ongoing battle.

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