Secret Santa Gives $50,000(!) & Health Insurance To Family With Heartbreaking Story Living In Camper

At the age of 14, Brad Crow was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Beginning at an early age, he endured grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. He also had to have one of his leg bones removed and replaced with cadaver bone.

In summer 2018, Brad and his wife Erica decided it was time to finally build their dream home for themselves and their two adopted children. Unfortunately, disaster struck when Brad fractured his leg in the middle of the construction. The injury worsened to the point he needed surgery to replace the bone, then he developed a staph infection and nearly died.

Brad not only had his leg amputated but also needed a hip replacement is currently waiting for yet another hip replacement.

Making matters even more stressful is the fact Brad had to stop working for over a year in order to recover. Erica, meanwhile, tries her best to pay the bills and put food on the table by working as a school bus driver ... but it has been a struggle. Their plans for their dream home were put on hold.

Throughout this string of hardships, the Crows have turned to their faith and have managed to maintain a determined and positive mindset.

Unbeknownst to Brad and Erica, Erica's sister reached out to the folks behind's annual Secret Santa series. The result?

A life-changing gift the Crows never saw coming.

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