Salt Bae Slammed After Sharing A Video Of Him Reuniting With His Mother After Two Years

Salt Bae has shared a video with his fans of him reunited with his mum after two years apart and people are slamming him for not buying her a new house. Take a look at the reunion below:

The celebrity chef - whose real name is Nusret Gökçe - shared the clip which has been watched over 4.5 million times.
Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et
He captioned the post: "I saw my mother after two years," and for the entire 45 second clip, he didn't take his trademark sunglasses off once.

The pair shared a hug before sitting down on a sofa together chatting before embracing again and making up for lost time.

While some people found the entire interaction adorable, others were quick to slate him for letting his mum live in a house they deem not good enough.

We don't even know if he was reunited with her at her own home but people will have their opinions and usually they're not afraid to voice them.
Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et
Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "Take off your f*****g glasses in front of mom," alright tiger.

Another added: "Normally you should buy a castles, for her she still living in very modest house."

A third asked: "Why does she live in such conditions having a son so rich?? And why not seeing her 2 years while he travels all the world? Unbelievable."

With someone else writing: "You have so much money how comes your mother is not living in a mansion?"

In agreement with the other pleas for Salt Bae to buy his mum a new house, another person commented: "After 2 years??!!!! Why??!!!! & why you don't buy a better house for your parents. You are wealthy now!!"
Credit: Instagram/@nusr_et
Defending Salt Bae (and his mum as well), one person said: "She may be happy with her life and her house. People are very quick to judge."

Another wrote: "You cannot judge without knowing the Turkish culture. Our parents are very stubborn to leave their hometowns, homes, neighbors, relatives, friends meaning their own circles. They won’t change it to any castle and I am so glad being born into such culture.

They went on to add: "You wouldn’t understand this non materialistic way of living so please don’t judge."

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