Real Estate Agent Shot Dead After 'Evicted Tenant Confused Her For Landlord'

A British estate agent has been shot dead in what has been said to be a case of mistaken identity.

Sara Trost had turned up at a property viewing where the tenant living in the house had mistaken her for the landlady who evicted him, a friend has claimed.
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The incident took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a man called Raymond Reese has been charged for shooting his victim multiple times.

A friend of Mrs Trost explained how she looked similar to Reese's landlady with Rabbi Shuey Biston saying: "Apparently the owner of the house, who was evicting the tenant, also had a white Jeep and was a blonde-haired lady, like Sara, and the guy mistook her. It’s devastating.”
Reese has been charged with first degree murder.
Mrs Trost, who lived in Parkland, Florida, was found by officers in the driver’s seat on December 23 suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, Coral Springs Police Department said.

A statement from detectives explained: “Despite immediate medical treatment, the driver succumbed to her injuries on scene and was pronounced dead.

“Coral Springs Police Department detectives conducted an immediate investigation and detained an individual in connection with the shooting.

“At this time there are no additional suspects being sought, nor is there a threat to the community.

“Crimes against persons unit are actively investigating the incident.”

An updated report from authorities said 51-year-old Raymond Wesley Reese was charged with first degree murder on Christmas Eve.
Credit: Facebook/Sara-Michelle Trost
Ana Y Lopez, vice president and co-founder of Paw Patrol Animal Rescue, said Mrs Trost had been volunteering and fostering with the charity since 2017 and had even adopted from them.

She said: “She was one of our most trusted, knowledgeable and beloved fosters. We are still in complete and utter shock about this senseless tragedy.

“Thinking about her husband and baby makes me absolutely heartsick. We truly cannot come to grips with what has happened.

“It may sound trite, but Sara will truly be missed. She was kind, vivacious, sweet, caring, helpful, giving, selfless, I could truly go on.

“I pray for her family, that they may be able to find some peace, some day. I know they say, ‘everything happens for a reason’ but this makes no sense at all.”

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