Pub Owner Hits Back Brilliantly After Being Labelled As 'boring And Sad' For Opening On Christmas Day

The owners of a Nottingham pub have hit back at online trolls after they were called ‘boring and sad’ for opening on Christmas Day.

The Trent Navigation Inn was only open for a few hours on Saturday (25 December), but came under fire from some on social media.
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Responding to the pub's post announcing they were opening for Christmas, one person commented: “Why encourage this on Christmas Day? Let people encourage the family get-together instead of encouraging alcohol.

“Have to be bored and sad to open on Xmas Day.”

However, the bosses of the pub, which is not far from Notts County’s Meadow Lane, criticised the ‘rather negative’ comment and explained why they opened their doors in a Facebook post earlier this month.
Credit: Instagram/@trentnavigation
The statement read: “Christmas, for most, is a joyous time of the year. Full of love, laughter and quality time spent with family and friends.

“But this is simply not the case for all. Christmas can also be a very lonely time for some.

"Given the difficulty we’re all facing during this pandemic, there is a mental health crisis bubbling away under the surface and throw this in with loneliness at this time of year and it can be incredibly difficult for some, especially those without close family and friends to share the big day with.

“Pubs play an important role in the community and are a safe haven for many, a place where all walks of life can meet safely, socialise and let off steam and look out for one another. To be thought of simply as a place to ‘encourage alcohol’ is, quite frankly, a sad commentary.
Credit: Instagram/@trentnavigation
“Our doors will always be open for friends old and new - and you, if you are bored, then please do toddle on down! It’s not ‘sad’ to do so, but if you are sad - it’s always good to talk.”

The post also said an array of non-alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee, would be available for visitors too.

The pub’s statement was warmly received, gaining over 150 likes and 35 comments.

One Facebook user wrote: “Lovely gesture to be open for those who want to come down.

Another said: “I haven’t been to a pub on Christmas Day for years so will be coming down and have a drink with friends and the staff who have been excellent throughout all the Covid restrictions."

A third commented: “What an absolutely amazing response. Well said. Merry Christmas Trent Navigation.

“What a lovely community you have built.”

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