Pope Francis Reveals 3 Key Words For Every Successful Marriage

As anyone who is married or has been married can attest, marriage can be tough.

But if you want some simple advice to keep that relationship healthy, singleton Pope Francis has got your back.

In a letter that was released on Sunday (26 December), the head of the Catholic Church encouraged married couples to remember three key words: "Please, thanks and sorry."

'Cause manners don't cost a thing, amirite Pope?

Speaking at his studio window on Sunday, as per the Associated Press, Francis said the letter was written as his 'Christmas present to married couples'.

Explaining the importance of good manners in marriage, he said: "How many times, unfortunately, conflicts originate within the domestic walls due to prolonged periods of silence and from unchecked selfishness.

"Sometimes it even ends up in physical and moral violence. This lacerates harmony and kills the family."

The 85-year-old acknowledged in his letter that the pandemic and lockdowns had put a strain on relationships across the globe.

He wrote: "Pre-existing problems were aggravated, creating conflicts that in some cases became almost unbearable.

"Many even experienced the break-up of a relationship."

But - taking a leaf out of Bryan Ferry's book - he encouraged married couples to stick together for their kids.

He said: "The breakdown of a marriage causes immense suffering, since many hopes are dashed, and misunderstandings can lead to arguments and hurts not easily healed.

"Children end up having to suffer the pain of seeing their parents no longer together."

In order to avoid a 'cold war', Francis advised that couples settle any disputes before hitting the hay at night.

He said: "Remember also that forgiveness heals every wound.

"After every argument, don't let the day end without making peace."

Oh, and if you're unsure on whether you should have kids or not, he's pretty clear on that too.

In Italy, birth rates are falling, and while from an environmental perspective you could make a pretty solid argument that more humans is the last thing this planet needs, Francis thinks the 'demographic winter' is a 'tragedy'.

He said: "Maybe we aren't born into an exceptional, problem-free family, but our family is our story - everyone has to think: It's my story.

"They are our roots: If we cut them, life dries up."

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