Peter Dinklage: How Despite Dwarfism He Became Famous, A Happy Husband, And Father Of “Normal” Kids

Thankfully, meeting beauty standards is not the sole factor when it comes to reaching triumphs in the entertainment industry. More and more, we are seeing models and actors who possess a uniqueness that defies what is culturally defined as beautiful. However, they are still deemed “different” by many, and it is time to stop making distinctions between them and their “normal” counterparts.
Peter Dinklage is one actor who comes to mind when thinking of thespians who defied the odds. Though he is not new to success, his Game of Thrones role has skyrocketed his popularity immensely. His Tyrion Lannister part allowed Dinklage to showcase his range as an actor when the character underwent a transformation from a debauched man to a notable strategic thinker who is a formidable “southerner” on the wildly popular show.
Beloved Dinklage is known to fans of the series, but few know his background and the interesting path he took to reach the fame he celebrates today. He chose acting as a career after he played the lead role in his middle school’s production of Velveteen Rabbit. Once he graduated from Bennington College in 1991, he was no stranger to the stage.
Post-college acting gigs did not come fast for Peter. Upon relocating to New York City, he was employed by a data processing company for roughly six years while simultaneously auditioning. Since childhood, he was determined to break stereotypes and not settle for handouts, so he refused roles that were typically awarded to actors with dwarfism. Perhaps this stance stalled his progress in the industry, but it made him who he is today.
It was landing the lead in 2003’s The Station Agent that was Dinklage’s breakthrough role. After the movie’s box office triumphs, he found himself working with the likes of mega-stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Vin Diesel, and Gary Oldman. His current Game of Thrones involvement has cemented his status as a household name.
The role of Tyrion spotlights Dinklage’s talent and exemplifies a collective image of his most-liked characters to play. Typically, actors with dwarfism are bestowed roles that are comical in nature or fairytale-type. Tyrion is a multidimensional character, and Dinklage has enjoyed assuming the part.
In real life, his favorite titles are husband and father. He wed theater director Erica Schmidt in 2005, and the private couple has two small children. They remain very cautious about their kids’ photos being taken, as they hope to shelter them from the paparazzi. Peter’s net worth is speculated to be $15 million, so the ending of Game of Thrones is more of a fresh beginning for him. It is safe to assume that fans are curious about what Dinklage dips his toes into next.


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