Parents Built A Custom Playset For Critically Ill Son Then The Neighbors Sued Them

Colton Costa has a rare genetic disorder commonly known as Hurler Syndrome.

It impacts the function of every organ in the body. Many people born with this condition never make it to adulthood. His parents, Kim and Jason Costa, have done everything to keep him as healthy as possible given his condition.

Unsurprisingly, these devoted, loving parents have spared no expense in trying to give Colton the best life they can in the few years they expect to have him. So, with permission from their Home Owners Association (HOA), they built an extensive playscape in their large backyard.
According to KPRC News, they also asked to build a privacy fence, but, sadly, this request was denied. The HOA only permits wrought iron fences.

One of their neighbors has declared the playscape "an eyesore" and is suing them in court for $100,000 in supposed damages for allegedly bringing down their property values.
It should surprise no one to learn that the neighbor not only is well aware of Colton's tragic situation, this is also not the first time they have sued one of their neighbors. Kim Costa took to Facebook to vent about this outrageous situation and ask for support. She wrote,

"They’re suing for “damages”. $100,000 in damages, so I come to you all asking for prayers."

They were officially served papers for a lawsuit against their Georgetown, Texas home. Furthermore, the neighbor suggested it wasn't sufficient that they had pre-approval from the HOA to build the structure. No, the neighbor thinks they should have asked his permission first too.
You would think that a one-acre lot would be big enough to do just about anything you please on it. You would think that running everything past your HOA board for permission would mean you are good. But, no, apparently not.

UPDATE: Kim Costa updated her facebook page to say the lawsuit has been dismissed. She wrote in a post, "The lawsuit has officially been DISMISSED! (For now anyway!) Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!... Who has ever heard of being SUED over a playscape?"

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