Owner Blows Up His Tesla In Protest At The Cost Of $22,663To Replace The Battery In Finland

The unhappy Tesla Model S owner is from Finland. He carried out the demolition of his car in Jaala, an ice-covered village in the Kymenlaakso region.

The owner, Tuomas Katainen, wanted to draw the attention of the world and express his disappointment with Tesla's after-sale service.

Tuomas said he faced issues like multiple error codes in the instrument cluster, following which a tow car was sent to take the car to a Tesla service center.

But after a month, Tuomas was informed that the repairs can't be completed without fixing the entire battery pack that would cost him at least €20,000 ($22,663).

And according to the video he said:

So, I told them I am coming to pick up my car. And now I am going to explode the whole car away because apparently there was no guarantee or anything.

There’s nothing left. Absolutely nothing. I never enjoyed this much with the Tesla! And also, maybe I am the first person in the world who has exploded a Tesla. So maybe, made some history.

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