Mum Reveals Surprising Reason She Takes Down All Christmas Decorations At 11pm On Christmas Day

A mum has revealed the surprising reason why she takes her tree down by 11pm on Christmas Day, explaining how it’s all for the sake of her young daughter.

Georgia Schofield (@bruh.georgia), 23, regularly shares TikTok videos about family life in Hartlepool - including a recent one about an unexpected tradition she has when the festive season rolls around.
Credit: TikTok/@bruh.georgia
In the clip, she could be seen taking the Christmas tree down, before vacuuming the floor and removing all other seasonal decorations.

After noticing the time Schofield posted the video on 25 December, one person simply commented: “11:11.”
Credit: TikTok/@bruh.georgia
Yup, all traces of Christmas had been removed from her home before midnight had even arrived, although Schofield pointed out that there was a very good reason why she does it every year.

She said: “When your daughter’s birthday is December 26th.”
Credit: TikTok/@bruh.georgia
In the caption the mum added: “Time to get on with the birthday decorating.”

After someone asked her to explain ‘why you have to take the tree down if [it] is your birthday’, Schofield said it’s simply a way to make her daughter – who has just turned three – enjoy her big day, as it helps things feel as ’normal’ as possible for the youngster.

“I’ve seen this comment about six times now so I’m just going to tell you why,” she said in a follow-up video.
Credit: TikTok/@bruh.georgia
“If my birthday was the day after Christmas, I could think of nothing worse than having the tree up, so that’s why I take it down – just to try and make it as normal as possible for her.

“Obviously Christmas and birthday the day after, it’s too close, so it’s just our own little family tradition to take the tree down on Christmas night, ready for her birthday tomorrow.”
Credit: TikTok/@bruh.georgia
And it turned out to be a fairly common problem among parents, with another mum commenting on the original video to say that she does a similar thing with her daughter, explaining: “My daughter’s [birthday] is 29th and I take the tree down so she knows there’s a difference between Xmas and her birthday.

“I don’t want her to think she doesn’t get a normal birthday and it has to merge with Christmas.”

Someone else also added: “My daughter’s is the 27th. Everything comes down the 26th.

"We want to keep Christmas separate from her birthday.”

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