Mom Visits Tardy Age 6 Son During Lunch Only To Realize He’s Been ‘publicly Shamed’ By His Teachers

Getting a child to school on time can be a daunting task. There are clothes to be put on, breakfasts to be eaten, and book bags to get ready. All of that needs to be done in a short span of time, leaving many children to arrive late to school.
Each school has different rules when dealing with tardy children. Some try to work together with the parents to prevent any more late arrivals from happening. Others take a more extreme approach by punishing the student in the form of detention.

For one 6-year-old boy in Grants Pass, Oregon, that's exactly what happened to him when he arrived late to school one too many times reports KOBI-TV. His mother knew that his tardiness would mean Hunter would have detention during lunch, but when she arrived to check on him at school during the spring of 2015, she was shocked at what she found.
Young Hunter Cmelo was seated alone at the lunch table, surrounded by a cardboard partition which the school referred to as a "confidential cubby." As if that wasn't bad enough, there was also a plastic cup with a large "D" written on the front which stood for detention.

When Hunter's mother Nicole saw her son's punishment, she was furious. After finding her little boy alone, distraught, and embarrassed, Nicole took a picture of the scene and sent it to her mother.

Once Hunter's grandmother received the shocking photo she was also angry about the extreme punishment her grandson had endured. The grandmother decided to take action- posting the photo to social media where it quickly went viral.

After receiving thousands of shares and comments, the community of Grants Pass took notice of the appalling photo and rallied around the Cmelo family.

Upon learning the reasons behind Hunter's tardiness- which included his mother's poor health and an unreliable vehicle- the owner of Kelly's Automotive Service discovered a way they could help the family. When the Cmelo's showed up to retrieve their old car, they were instead surprised to learn that Kelly's Automotive Service was gifting them with a new minivan.

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