Mom Takes Photo with a Cardboard Cutout of Her Sailor Son, Unaware He's Standing behind Her

For many families, making sure to enjoy every single moment of quality time together means the world to them. This is especially true for people who may not live as close to their loved ones as they wish, or for people who find themselves traveling frequently or working overseas for a good portion of the year. The men and women who serve their countries know this feeling all too well, and know exactly how amazing it feels when they finally get to come back home.

This separation is hard for anyone, especially parents whose children are serving overseas. It’s an emotional experience just getting to watch reunion videos of parents and kids reuniting after being separated for so long, and it’s even more emotional for the people involved in the heartwarming reunions.

For one mother, she received the best gift she could have ever asked for in December 2019. She and her family were eating at a restaurant in Big Bear Lake, California, when they decided to take a family photo. Her son, a sailor, currently wasn’t with them, so she decided to hold a small cut-out of him to make sure he was still included in the family photo.

Right before the family had their picture taken, a familiar face stood behind them, making a surprise appearance. However, the mother didn’t even realize that her sailor son, who she dearly loved and missed, was standing right behind her! The beautiful moment she finally realized her son was directly behind her was caught on camera, and uploaded for the world to see. Read on to find out more about this beautiful family moment.

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A video of this family moment in Big Bear Lake was uploaded to a YouTube channel called Ramon Lerma Travels, which has since been viewed over 20 million times – and it’s easy to see why. In the caption of the video, the uploader explained that their mother was sure she wouldn’t get to see her sailor son for Christmas, but was met with a wonderful surprise.

The sailor had been picked up from the airport the night before and met up with several family members to plan the best holiday surprise for his mom, according to the video’s caption. Everyone in the family was in on the surprise and happily gathered together for a nice family photo while out at a diner.

While holding a cut-out of her son, the mom smiled for the photo, completely unaware that her real son was actually standing behind her the entire time. He had been escorted into the restaurant by the staff and eagerly made his way to his family’s table.

Despite being shown the picture after it was taken, the mom didn’t believe that her son was really there. In fact, she thought that the person taking the photo was using some kind of Photoshop app that added her sailor son into the picture.

It took a couple of tries, but finally, the mother finally realized that her son was actually directly behind her. She was quickly overwhelmed by her emotions, and couldn’t stop hugging her son. It was clear that all of the hard work and planning the other family members had put into the surprise really paid off, as the mom was completely moved at the sight of her sailor son.

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