Totally Disfigured Boxer Suspended From Boxing Indefinitely After Taking 236 Punches

A boxer who was left badly disfigured after a recent bout has been handed an indefinite suspension.

Miriam Gutierrez was completely dominated by the unified featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano on Saturday (18 December), taking a face-warping 236 punches.
Credit: Alamy
The courageous fighter managed to make it to the bell at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, with Serrano winning the bout via unanimous decision: 99-91, 99-90, 100-90.

However, while the 38-year-old showed immense grit to make it through the punishing fight, she has now been handed an indefinite medical suspension by the Florida Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The decision comes after 38-year-old Gutierrez shared photos of her almost unrecognisable mush after the bout, which was left horrifically swollen, bloodied and bruised.
Gutierrez has been handed an indefinite medical suspension. Credit: Alamy
The Spaniard quite literally took the defeat on the chin though, congratulating her opponent and stating that she was 'proud' to have fought her.

Serrano was equally respectful and showered her adversary with praise in a post on Instagram yesterday (Thursday 23 December).

The 33-year-old Puerto Rican said: "Love this woman @miriamlareina83.
Credit: Instagram/miriamlareina83
"She was respectful before the fight, a total beast during & after a sweetheart.

"I've never had so much respect for someone I've fought like I do for this diamond of a woman.

"I'll always be here for her in anything I can help her with. God bless you & your team Miriam."

Speaking after the bout, Serrano also applauded the bravery of her opponent.

She said: "She's a tough fighter. She did say she was in better shape this time than when she fought Katie Taylor because she had a year lay-off.
Gutierrez is now focussing on her recovery. Credit: Instagram/Miriam Gutierrez
"Now, she just had a fight last month that she won. I fought the best Miriam Gutierrez and I beat her.

"This isn't a sad or bitter loss, it's a dignified one, it was a war from the get go until the end. It's been an honour."

However, following the shock at just how bad a state Gutierrez was left in, Serrano took to Twitter to explain that she takes no pleasure in hurting people.

She wrote: "I've never felt so bad after a win. My opponent was a warrior & I was just doing my job.

"Miriam is actually one of my opponents I like the most. So humble, kind & with a huge heart. Fearless in every way."

She continued: "It's unfortunate that we have to hurt each other so bad to prove who we are. That's someone's daughter & mother I wish it wasn't me that did that to her.

"I like winning but my intentions aren’t to hurt anyone. It's just a horrible feeling."

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