Meet The "Love Baby": Precious Little Boy Who Was Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark On His Forehead

There are some things that happen in this world that have no tangible explanation. However, despite that, they turn out to be quite good. This is what one couple found out after having their first baby.
A young couple from Turkey recently welcomed their first child into this world. Murat Engin, the father, and Ceyda, the mother, discovered that their son, Cinar, had a red heart on his forehead after being born. The nurses tried to rub it off only to discover that it was a birthmark.
Most of them took selfies with the baby while he was at the hospital. The parents and most people call Cinar the love baby because of his birthmark.

Cinar attracts a lot of attention whenever he goes for outings with his parents. People just want to take pictures with him. They also call Cinar the love baby and congratulate the parents for having such a beautiful boy.
Because of the 'love mark', Murat and Ceyda believe that Cinar is a gift from God. He was born to spread love and bring about cheers to everyone that he meets. The more Cinar grows, the more fans he attracts.
When health professionals were asked about the mark, they said that it's nothing new. Some babies are born with red, beige or pink marks on their body. Some are small while others like Cinar's are very visible.

Interestingly, the experts don't know how such marks come about. However, studies have shown that some of these babies lose the birthmark as they grow older. In most cases, it just fades away.
We can only hope that Cinar's love mark doesn't disappear anytime soon as the little guy has grown accustomed to the mark. It also makes Cinar look cute.

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