Marine Meets His Son For The First Time, reaks Down In Tears Before He Even Reaches Him

Life goes on for families of deployed military professionals. While soldiers serving their country overseas do their best to stay in touch, they often miss out on major milestone events. For Marine Corporal Brandon Crespo, this event was the birth of his son.
Brandon’s wife, Francis, progressed through most of her pregnancy without the hands-on support of her husband. Some months, the expecting couple could only communicate once or twice.

Throughout her husband’s 6-month deployment, Francis managed the home front while also nurturing her body and their growing baby.
When Francis went into labor on June 13, Brandon was able to listen to the events unfolding over the phone and offer some verbal encouragement and support to his wife. However, he could only see pictures of his son until his deployment ended. Finally, the day arrived when Brandon was scheduled to return home to his family in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Francis dressed their son, Noah, in a cute outfit. When she arrived at the military base for the big homecoming celebration with Noah in her arms, she held up a sign that stated, “Out of my way! I meet by daddy today!”
Video footage of the homecoming showed Brandon running toward his wife and infant son, but the intense emotion of the event overtook him. Before he could reach his family, Brandon slowed down as he covered his face and began sobbing. Francis decided to share this special event with family and friends through social media.

When she looked at her account only a few days later, she was surprised to see how many people were also touched by this special reunion. Altogether, the video had more than 17 million views within those first few days.

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