Man Shares How Easily He Painted Entire Walls In Seconds And It Is Blowing People’s Minds

People are amazed after seeing a man 'paint an entire wall' in a matter of seconds. Watch for yourself:

While most of us might take an afternoon or even day to get a good coating on single wall, a decorator has gone viral after blasting through the work in under a minute.

Incredible footage shared on social media shows the man standing in front of a grey wall, holding a long roller.

He starts off by making huge long strokes, up and down and across in a wavy motion.

Then, in a blink and you'll miss it moment, the unidentified maestro goes to work, gliding back across his canvas with an elegance Michelangelo would have been proud of.

And in just 30 seconds, he's completed his work, which, coincidentally, is vastly quicker than the four years it took Michelangelo to finish the Sistine Chapel.

So who's the real genius?

Since the incredible clip was shared online, people have been amazed by the skill, with some desperate to find out his secret.

One user said: "I just came to see if anyone could tell me what roller he was using."

It should be pointed out, though, as some have, that it's just the main chunk of the wall that took 30 seconds.

The guy in the video appears to have spent some time beforehand painting around the corners.

But even with that, it's still pretty good going.

Not everyone was bowled over, though.

Commenting on the post, one critic wasn't too pleased with his choice of roller, saying: "The wrong one that's for exterior... the stipple would look terrible. And if the wall colour was different to the ceiling it would be a disaster."

If you've been getting into a bit of decorating recently, you might have had a bit of a mishap and spilled some paint on your carpet.

Well, last year, a woman showed off what she said was the perfect way to get it out.

TikTok user Kaytee Haas (@kayteehaas) was devastated when she had an accident while painting.

However, she said her husband was able to save the day when he came in with this idea.

She added: "My husband came up with this whole idea - and if you don't have a carpet cleaner, this is for you.

"All you need is hot water. Scrape it up in the beginning - all the excess - and then you pour hot water on it and you vacuum it with a ShopVac and look at this... it looks brand new."

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