Man Living In New York City’s ‘Smallest Apartment’ Gives Tour Of Inside

New York is famous for its incredible architecture, rich culture, and culinary delights. However, living in the Big Apple comes at a price - high rents, and tiny apartments.

A TikToker called AJ claims he lives in the smallest apartment in New York, and in a now-viral clip, he gave us a full tour (which unsurprisingly, didn’t take long).

He opened the video with: “Whatever your expectations are, lower them.”

Opening the front door, we’re immediately met with a sink. Right next to it, there is a small kitchen and pantry stocked with the essentials such as a jar of peanut butter and crisps. Also on the shelves are a single bowl and plate.

He then shuffled over to the boudoir, and impressively his tiny apartment boasts two beds.

“I have two beds, but only one me. Some nights I’m a queen guy, other nights I chill on the twin,” he said.

He also showed us his closet and his piano before ending the video by tickling the ivories.

Since it was uploaded the video has amassed 20.9 million views, 4.7 million likes, and 31,000 comments.

“Whatever you’re paying is too much,” one comment reads.

Another said: “I lowered my expectations and still, they were too high.”

“This is half a dorm room. Are you okay?” another asked.

However the burning question that seemed to bother most viewers was where his bathroom is. Responding to one of the questions he joked: “Did u not see the window [sic]”.

In a follow-up video he did however share that there is a “community bathroom” down the hall.

Showing the bathroom, he said you do have to bring your own toilet roll, so if you forget it you have to “do a little waddle back” to your apartment.

Responding, one viewer wrote: “Bestie this is a freshman dorm”. AJ replied saying: “Are you sure because my neighbour is a 60-year-old man”.

“Bro living in county jail,” another quipped.

Taking on a suggestion to move one of his beds, he managed to free up some space below his bunk.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly would be proud of how much space he has for activities now.

If this apartment ever feels too big for him, he could always check out the tiny apartment Ikea rents out for less than $1 a month in Tokyo.

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