Man Who Found Tiny Baby Frog In His Salad Box Is Giving Him Baths And Snacks

A man found a baby frog in his box of romaine lettuce - and now he’s feeding it snacks and giving it baths.

On Monday, Simon Curtis, a recording artist, author, and actor posted a thread on his Twitter highlighting the chronicles of meeting the adorable little frog, who he named Tony.

In his initial tweet, he mentioned encountering the frog and asking the internet for tips on how to keep him safe from harm.

“I found the cutest little frog in the bottom of my romaine lettuce tonight- it’s too cold to set him outside (27 degrees), but he’s been living in the lettuce in the fridge for several days now- does anyone know what I should do so that he doesn’t die?” he captioned the first post.

It showed Tony in a container sitting across from lettuce.

Curtis said that the frog was “hopping and clearly well.”

In another tweet, he said that he put the “remaining lettuce back inside” the box and gave the frog a “mason jar lid of water, and sprayed the entire container down with water.”

Amid cute videos of Tony enjoying his new home in the lettuce box, Curtis noted that Tony had escaped.

But luckily, Tony was found chilling outside of the box and on top of the door frame in the house.

It’s also worth noting that Tony seems to have a sweet disposition as he lets Curtis hold him.

Curtis then added a video, saying: "he's so adorable is this my starter Pokémon?"

Some fans offered helpful hints but others were creeped out by the find.

"Cute. But also, WTF. *checks my lettuce*," one commented.

" went to a grocery store, bought lettuce, and a frog was in it?!???," another person asked.

"Hiding/living under the last leaves!" Curtis replied, to which the original poster replied: "Ewwwwwwww"

When someone advised the singer to "change your grocer!!" he revealed the box was bought at Whole Foods.

"If you don't have an aquarium but have like a truffle dish or some other large glass bowl, that would work," one person advised.

Adding: "Put a little bowl of water in there for him and leave the lettuce - if he's young he may eat it. I'd go to the pet store tomorrow and get some bugs to feed him."

Another person gave a similar suggestion.

"I think your little green tree frog would like a warmer location! 70-80 degrees [20C - 27C] would make him happiest. Maybe give him a little bowl of water to play in. They prefer creeks and will eat just about any bug you can give them. They're pretty hardy and low maintenance!

The singer, who also starred in the 2009 Nickelodeon film Spectacular!, also shared an update with fans soon after - announcing the frog had been named Tony.

"Put the remaining lettuce back inside, gave him a mason jar lid of water, and sprayed the entire container down with water," he told fans.

"Going to leave him here in the kitchen tonight and then figure out what to do with him tomorrow."

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