Little Girl Hilariously Denies Touching The Dog's Food

As adults, we can all look back on our childhood and clearly remember seeing disappointed looks on our parents' faces whenever we misbehaved. This may very well have been one of the worst feelings in the world. After we get in trouble, we would try to rectify our mistakes and never repeat them, but somehow, the event would repeat itself in the future. A video from Jacksonville, Florida spread across the internet in April 2020 in which a toddler was caught doing something she was not supposed to.

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There is only one thing left to do when you are being accused as a child. Deny all accusations and pass the blame onto someone else. Although this method may not be effective, it allows for a hilarious video. The short video in question shows 21-month-old Lilyana throwing a fit because she claimed to have not touched the dog food laid out for her pet.

Children her age do not have the proper language skills to form strong arguments and back them with solid reasoning, yet she tried her best to assert her claim. She chose a simple approach and denied everything that was thrown at her. Of course, while she claimed to have not touched the dog food, she did not have any proof. To make matters worse, her parents caught her in the act of it.

Lilyana's mother claims that the argument began when she was doing dishes and Lilyana came over. She had almost touched a sharp knife but claimed to have not done it. She then went on to touch other things and deny that she had done it in a small act of rebellion. This is what sparked the argument shown in the video. During her little act of rebellion, she had begun taking portions of the dog's food out of its bowl. Although she was called out on it immediately, she refused to admit guilt.

Lilyana thought that if she claimed to have not done it until the end of the argument, she could get away with all she had done. Her main goal was to hold out for as long as she could. The argument went on for two minutes until Lilyana realized that her parents were only teasing her. She then decided to go along with the joke.

After some time, her father got tired of the bickering and stepped in. He bent down to her level and explained that he had witnessed her touching the food. He had even recalled key details of the event, including what hand she had touched the food with. Unfortunately, this was all for naught because Lilyana did not care about details or evidence.

At the end of the video, her parents were in tears as they laughed endlessly and their toddler has a slight smirk on her face. Although she claimed to be innocent, deep down she knew that she was guilty of all the things she had been accused of.

At her age, it is very common for toddlers to act out and even play with dog food. Some children might try to eat it, and we can see why her parents were concerned.

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