Linda Hunt From ‘ncis’ – Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Linda Hunt is an established actress both on stage and on the big and small screens. She has appeared in a variety of productions, films, and television shows, sharing the spotlight with her brilliant co-stars and sharing her talent with the world. Her filmography is impressive and shows off her stunning range as a performer, lending her voice to animated films and shows as well as showing just how far she can push herself in most serious roles, too.

Born on April 2, 1945, in Morristown, New Jersey, Hunt was raised in Westport, Connecticut. She is one of two children to her parents and grew up enjoying the arts and participating in them. Taking a leap of faith, Hunt went forward with pursuing her passion for acting, and it’s safe to say that all of her hard work and dedication has truly paid off.

While Hunt has appeared in many productions throughout her lifetime, one of her most notable and recognizable roles was as Hetty Lange on the television show “NCIS: Los Angeles.” She appeared on the show for 12 seasons and even made a guest appearance later on. Fans grew to not only love the character but also love Hunt as an actress.

She has gone on to be nominated and win several awards throughout the course of her career, earning her recognition amongst critics and fans alike. Hunt has also shared some insights into both her personal and professional life, including her actual height and what her family is really like. Read on to find out more about this accomplished actress’ life story.

Making Her Mark

Growing up in Connecticut, Hunt was a big fan of the arts. Her father, Raymond, was the vice president of Harper Fuel Oil, while her mother, Elsie, was a piano teacher. They were very encouraging of their daughter’s ambitions.

Hunt became completely mesmerized by the idea of becoming an actress after seeing a stage performance of “Peter Pan” during her childhood, according to Britannica. She was so determined to make her dreams come true that she began pursuing her passion by implementing it into her studies and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan as well as the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.

She focused heavily on directing since it seemed like her physical frame was limiting her opportunities as an actress. According to Britannica, Hunt had hypopituitary dwarfism and was not conventionally beautiful, and her appearance was something that sadly held her back. Hunt has a short height, standing at 4 feet 9 inches tall.

Hunt, fortunately, made her dreams a reality and began appearing in stage productions and Broadway shows during the 1970s. In 1982, Hunt made her mark on the entertainment industry by portraying a male character named Billy Kawn in “The Year of Living Dangerously,” earning plenty of praise and recognition for the complex and dramatic role.

The role even earned her her first Academy Award, making her the first person to win an Oscar for playing a character of the opposite sex, according to Britannica. She has also gone on to appear in “Kindergarten Cop,” “Pocahontas,” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Her Successful Life

One of Hunt’s most recognized and loved roles was as Hetty Lange in “NCIS: Los Angeles.” She appeared on the show for the first 12 seasons as a main character and was a special guest star during the 13th season. Hetty is the Supervisory Special Agent and Operations Manager of the Office of Special Projects who embark on dangerous missions and cares deeply for others.

It seems like Hunt pulled from her personal life to add some genuineness to her character as she has proved time and again to be a kind-hearted individual. Although Hunt has kept much of her private life out of the public eye, relishing in the personal moments she gets to share with her loved ones; she has shared a few details about her relationships. She has been in a long-lasting relationship with psychotherapist Karen Kline since 1978. The two tied the knot in 2008.

Hunt has also served as an ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society since 2011 and is a supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It’s clear that Hunt has had a very successful relationship as well as a brilliant career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is estimated at $12 million. She earned $80,000 per episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” totaling to about $2 million per year before royalties.

At 76 years old, Hunt can easily say she has accomplished a lot in her life and has become a true inspiration to any aspiring actor. While she doesn’t appear to have any projects currently in the works, we’re excited to see what she does in the upcoming years!

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