Adorable Moment Two Little Boys Think Hitting Each Other In The Face With A Trash Can Lid Is Hilarious

When will youths stop trashing each other online?

A video of two little boys smacking each other with a trash can lid is blowing up on social media, prompting Twitter commenters to joke that such antics are the reason “[boys] have a lower life expectancy.”
Carson and Aiden (ages and last names withheld for privacy purposes) of Perryton, Texas were just “acting silly” when their grandparents caught them on video.

The clip surfaced Wednesday on various platforms, and shows the modern-day “Garbage Pail Kids” in a backyard taking turns stepping on the pedal of a garbage can so the lid pops the other in the face like a stepped-on rake.

Each time the lid buffets one of the boys, both erupt in buckets of laughter.
One Twitter wit shared the clip of the pint-sized pain gluttons with the caption, “When someone asks me to describe Twitter.”

The tweet has since garnered more than 40,000 likes, 7000 retweets and 5 million viral video views, prompting comments such as “well, at least they take turns” and “[this is] an accurate representation of me continuing to log onto Twitter even though I know it’s gonna be trash.”
The clip even appeared on the Daly Click, with host Carson Daly pointing out that “you buy your kids the coolest, most advanced toys on the market and then instead they put that aside and just start playing with a cardboard box, or a trash can lid.”

It’s unknown where the video originated, but if a “Jackass” reboot comes about in the future, these two should definitely play starring roles.

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