Kelly Clarkson and Sandra Bullock’s Interview Goes Viral Over How Hard They Made Each Other Lol

Sandra Bullock just showed up on The Kelly Clarkson show for the first time, and her interview with Kelly is best described as pure hilarity/joy.

It all started when Sandra said, “My parents were good singers…they’re dead,” to which Kelly replied, “That’s cool,” and Sandra responded, “That they’re dead?” Kelly then tried to backtrack, saying, “No, that they’re singers! That’s so sad that they’re dead. I’m sweating.”

The pair then dissolved into more laughter when Kelly asked Sandra, “Are you good at forgiving?” and she replied, “No, I have not forgiven my parents for dying.” Also, can’t forget about Sandra asking “Did you just call me a whore?” when Kelly pronounced “or” strangely and Sandra summing things up with, “So she’s happy my parents died; I was called a whore.”

Obviously, the video is trending on YouTube and no one in the comments can handle it. A sampling, if you will:

“This whole interview is pure serotonin.”

“Haven’t seen Kelly laugh so much. This episode is hysterical and the chemistry between her and Sandra with her dry sense of humor is off the charts. Loved this.”

“Was having a terrible day, but this totally brightened it. I can’t stop laughing.”

“This is the best interview I have ever watched. They should all be this chill and funny!!”

“The awkward chemistry that they have is gold. They should be in a movie together. ASAP.”

“The natural wit between these two is unparalleled.”

“I think this is my favorite interview ever on this show. Everything about this is perfect.”

Ditto to all that.

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