Kanye West Buys House Directly Across from Kim Kardashian for Over Asking Price

Kanye West has reportedly moved into the house across the road from his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and paid a substantial amount over the odds for the privilege.

It is thought that Kanye had harboured desires of rekindling his romance with Kim, but now it would seem he’s accepted his fate and moved out of their massive – and architecturally interesting – Hidden Hills home.
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Rather than go to one of his other homes, like his Malibu mansion that is around half an hour away, he has bought a slightly more modest house in the area, presumably so he can be near to his children.

However, it’s not exactly like the huge mansions that he’s become used to.

Sure, it’s still a big house, but given that his home in Malibu was curated by Japanese design legend Tadao Ando, and his Hollywood Hills digs were similarly impressive, this property is a bit of a climb down for the rapper.
As you can see, it's not exactly a bedsit. Credit: Backgrid
It’s a single storey rancher house that was built in 1955 and sits over around 3,600 square feet.

See, he’s not exactly living in squalor.

It still has some stables and another smaller studio that could be used by staff.

The house has four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, as well as an acre of land.

The obvious draw for Kanye seems to be that it’s right across the street in Hidden Hills from the house in which Kim lives with their children.

In October, Kardashian paid out $23 million (£17m) to West for his half of the property that they’d previously shared.
Kanye and Kim are now separated. Credit: Alamy
Now, West has forked over $4.5 million (£3.3m) to buy this new home.

It’s not like he’s short of a few bob though, is it?

In fact, he was feeling so flush that he paid a massive $421,000 ($313,000) over the asking price on the house in order to land it.

He’s definitely a motivated buyer.

Still, this all shouldn’t come as a surprise.
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While West was out delivering Thanksgiving dinners to those less fortunate in Los Angeles in December, he told the assembled crowd that he planned to ‘get [his] family back together’ and said that if he couldn’t live ‘in the house’ with his family, he would simply buy ‘the home next door’ to Kardashian.

He’s a man of his word, you have to give him that.

You also have to wonder how Kim feels about it.

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