John Travolta Shares Sweet Christmas Video With His Kids

John Travolta values how precious his time with his family is.

This year marks the second Christmas the 67-year-old actor and his children, 21-year-old Ella Bleu and 11-year-old Benjamin, will spend without one of the shining lights of their family. Wife, mother, actress Kelly Preston died after a battle with breast cancer in 2020. The family, sadly not strangers to loss, also experienced the heartbreaking death of John and Kelly's second child, Jett, in 2009 at 16 years old.

John has stuck close to his children, and despite the losses they live with daily, they also have a lot to celebrate. The Travoltas welcomed a new puppy into the family, who was heavily featured in John's Christmas Eve video shared to Instagram, which showed scenes of his family's travels and celebrations.

John also shared another special moment from Christmas with his family. In the video, John and his kids are snuggled together reading A Visit From St. Nicholas. At the end, the three are piled on a couch laughing as the actor says "Merry Christmas" to the camera.

One of the things that the Travolta family is looking forward to in the new year is the beginning of Ella's career as both an actress and a musician. In July, John shared she was filming a movie called Get Lost, a live-action reimagining of Alice in Wonderland.

Ella will also release her first EP in the new year. She teased her original music on Instagram.

"Ain't no sunshine when you're gone. Guess Bill was right when he wrote that song. I know that she's your light now," she beautifully sings. She counts her dad among her biggest and proudest fans, and it's only just the beginning.

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