Hungover Student Shocked To Discover His Tin Of Baked Beans Contained No Baked Beans

A student who craved the hangover cure of beans on toast after a wild night out was gutted to find that his tin of baked beans contained no baked beans.

The Beangate victim, a 22-year-old named Rory, had purchased the Sainsbury’s own-brand tin of ‘Baked Beans & Meat Free Sausages’ a few days before his night out and was excited to consume what he referred to as his 'trusted favourite'.
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He was greeted however, in his time of need, with the sad, sad sight of 4 pitiful veggie sausages floating in a barren and beanless sea of sauce.

Speaking to us here at LADbible, the Manchester-based physics student expressed his deep regret at his purchase.

He said: “In my eagerness to purchase some food at the time, I didn’t fully register that the can was lighter than usual.”

It was only in his hungover state a few days later when he poured the can into a pan that he realised that the error had occurred.
Credit: @gemount / Twitter
Recalling his moment of discovery, Rory had this to say: “When I saw the sight before my eyes, I was too stunned to say anything and my head fell into my hands.”

Powerless to his cravings however, and on a student budget, once Rory got past the initial shock of what fell into his pan he reluctantly put together his beanless breakfast.

The result was a crime against full-English breakfasts everywhere…
Credit: @gemount / Twitter
Watching Rory eat this breakfast was too much for housemate Gemma to bear, who described to LADbible that watching 'a grown man drink what was essentially an entire tin of bean juice' made her 'blood run cold'.

“It was so disturbing to my psyche that I’ve not been able to buy baked beans since. And I really love baked beans,” stated a traumatised Gemma.
Credit: @gemount / Twitter
After discussing the sheer injustice of this tin of beans, the pair decided it was time to take action. So they took to Twitter to demand an explanation from supermarket giant Sainsbury’s.

This interaction resulted in a £1 refund - 30p more than the RRP!

On this compensation however, Rory told us that: “It didn’t make up for the sense of loss I felt, especially as Gemma ended up keeping the pound.”.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Oh dear, there appears to have bean a mistake! We’re investigating and are in touch with Gemma to apologise for the mix-up. We’ve offered her some Nectar points to bake up for it!”

They also said that this beanless tin was an isolated issue affecting one batch, of which they have investigated with their supplier.

So do not fear people- your breakfasts are safe.

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