Heartbreaking M&S Slipper Review Has People In Tears After Man Who Lost His Leg Says He’ll Donate The Left Slipper

A heartbreaking review on a pair of Marks & Spencer slippers has left people in tears.

The review - which was left on a pair of £19.50 Freshfeet slippers - revealed how one shopper had lost his right leg.

Because he can only ever wear one shoe, the man sweetly offered to give away his unworn slipper for free to anyone who might have lost one.

In the review left on Marks & Spencer's website, the man began by giving the slippers a glowing 5-star review.

"I felt like a change having word the same style of M & S Slipper for over forty years. These looked modern, they are certainly warm and very comfortable too," he wrote.

He then explained that, because he only has one leg, he had no use for his right slipper, saying "5 years ago I lost my right leg so I never wear the right slipper."

"So if you are missing a left and take a size 8 slipper and need a right slipper I am allowing M & S to give you my email address and you can have one for free, just contact me..."

The offer was so sweet that one woman - writer Jayne Sharp - screenshotted it and shared it on Twitter.

"Just looking at slippers for dad for Christmas & came across this review on @marksandspencer’s website," she tweeted alongside the screenshot. "I think I’ve got something in my eye."

The tweet racked up dozens of comments. Many users joined Jayne in shedding a tear over the heartbreakingly sweet review.

"I’m not crying... put away those onions," one wrote.

"Not just the spirit of Christmas, that's the spirit of humanity. Somehow the smallest of gestures make the most impact. Whoever you are, you have my utmost respect," added another.

Meanwhile, one user was left feeling inspired by the review.

"Now have an idea for a website that will match people to one slipper/shoe/sock/glove, according to what limb they may be missing," they wrote.

However, other users were quick to let them know that such websites already existed.

And one user had a lighter take on the review, using the opportunity to joke about their wife's experience as an amputee.

"My wife is an amputee. She gets some great laughs asking for half price pedicures, waxes etc!" they commented.

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