Groups Of Dancers Face Off And Startle The Audience With Passionate 'Dirty Dancing' Performance

People have loved dancing since the dawn of time.

The twist, jazz, swing and many others have been popular and they shaped the lives and history of many musicians and artists.

During the 80’s movies about dancing became huge hits: like “Footloose” starring Kevin Bacon, “Staying Alive” with John Travolta, and even “Hairspray,” which was remade in 2007.

There’s no doubt that the dances of the Eighties continue to be remembered fondly for their lively music and jigs.

For one group of people celebrating the Oktoberfest, a performance by students from the dance school Bodscheller became very memorable the minute they started dancing to a song from one of the most iconic 80’s films of all time.

In a function hall, there were many older people sitting at their tables, waiting for a performance to begin.

Some were sipping their drinks, while others were chatting.

They never expected to be treated to such a nostalgic but fun display. Several pairs of young men and women soon entered the room. An upbeat song was played and they skipped to the rhythm.

People clapped as the performers stepped into the center of the room.

These young people got into position and started facing their partners. At first, it looked like a high school performance.

Some of the dancers were looking at each other, seemingly unsure what to do next or when to begin. Then finally the music started.

The upbeat music was replaced with the first notes of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” which became an iconic song from the film, “Dirty Dancing.”

The young people seemingly transformed into ballroom dancers in an instant. One spectator watching near the stage was clapping to the beat enjoying himself.

Several others took out their phones to record the show.

The audience calmly enjoyed the performance — until the young men suddenly flipped their partners and hoisted them on their shoulders mimicking the dance moves from the film.

Gasps and shocked sounds rippled through the crowd of onlookers. A lot of people were pleased and their applause also brought smiles to the faces of the performers.

During the bridge of the song, the pairs separated snapping their fingers and dancing as they stepped toward the audience.

The spectators also clapped and cheered. Everyone was enjoying the show!

But before the performance ended, one pair gave the audience what it had been longing for — the iconic dance step when Jennifer Grey ran into the arms of Patrick Swayze and he lifted her over his head in the film.

This lift scene has become one of most iconic moments in dance film history. When the young performers nailed this in their showcase, everyone clapped, hollered, and cheered.

The dance finished on a high note and everyone had a great time. The performance certainly gave the audience a lot of good vibes and fun!

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