Grandma Is Moved To Tears When She Finds Out She’s Moving in With Her Grandson

Most grandparents are easygoing when handling their grandchildren. They will go out of their way to keep the little ones happy. It could be the reason why most of these bonds go strong until the kids become adults.

Matthew Stewart is a young, Florida-based man who is lucky to have a bubbly and sassy 88-year-old grandma. His videos of his family on his Instagram have captured hearts around the nation.

Matthew and Grandma Bobbe, also called GB, seem to enjoy one of the most loving bonds there could ever be. The duo is fun to interact with, especially through the hilarious videos that they create. Stewart is also fond of sharing their moments on TikTok, where he has more than two million followers.

GB is not only the classic grandma who will keep giving you fairy tales till you want no more; she also seems like a highly spirited grandma who does not mind some positive yet colorful jokes. Being around her definitely seems like an enjoyable pastime, especially because she is well-taken care of.

It may appear that Matthew does not do much, but the truth is that he reminds us to be thankful for the relationships we have and restores other peoples’ faith in humanity. If you follow his videos, you will not only shed a tear but also learn a lesson or two.

One especially emotional video was posted in October 2020, and it showed Stewart announcing to his grandma that she would be moving in with him and his family when their new house was finished being built. They moved in officially in April 2021. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming video.

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Stewart shared the video of the moving announcement on his Instagram page. He captioned the post: “Our future home.” In the video, you can see how happy and overwhelmed GB becomes after hearing the news. She sheds some tears and says that she is touched to know that somebody wants her.

Speaking to Good News Movement, Stewart said: “It meant the world to be able to show her our new home! I can not wait to actually move into it and have her with us! I know we are all VERY excited.” For GB, being close to her family was the greatest gift she could receive.

Stewart added: “She was there for me in the past for the toughest time of my life and now I get to take care of her in the final years of her life. I’m very blessed!” A lot of elderly people are forced into assisted living facilities if their families are unwilling and unable to take care of them. It is so nice to know that that will not be happening to GB and that she gets to enjoy her life with her beloved family.

Viewers were incredibly touched by the video. One person wrote in a comment, “You are a phenomenal grandson! She must be a phenomenal grandmother! God bless both of you! I hope somebody does that for me someday.”

Seeing your grandparents through their golden years is a blessing. If you need to perk up your relationship with them, consider cuddling them more, shopping for them, and most importantly, spending quality time with them.

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