Golden Retriever Gets A Puppy For Christmas

Do you remember the best Christmas present you ever got?

Cash the golden retriever will probably never forget his.

According to Caters News, Cash is a 12-year-old golden retriever who had been feeling a little lonely. A few years ago, his dog sister Rosie passed away. Cash has been alone with his owners since then.

This Christmas, Cash's owners decided it was time to add another dog to their family — but they thought it would be fun to surprise Cash.

So, Cash's mom and dad carefully placed their teeny-tiny new puppy in a wrapped box, just like a Christmas present. Then, they brought the box into the living room to give Cash his special Christmas present.

It's clear Cash can tell something exciting is happening from the moment he sees the box. When his dad puts it down on the ground, Cash can't stop sniffing.

Then, the top of the box cracks open, and a tiny puppy pokes his sweet head out.

Just about anyone would be elated by this Christmas present, but Cash's reaction is totally priceless. I could not stop smiling while I watched how excited he was to meet his new best friend.

I already have two dogs, but this video seriously makes me want to get a third.

Check out the video below to see Cash's adorable reaction to his new puppy sibling.

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